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Where Conductors work - About

What is here

This map takes you to services around the world in which conductors work with children, adults, and/or their families. These conductors are of various nationalities and speak a variety of languages but all have basic training that derives from the work and the thinking of András Pető, and include teacher-conductors.

Click on a pin to be taken to the service's website. Inclusion here implies makes no judgement on the quality of the services involved – or even how 'conductive' they might be.

Services are included if they are open full time or only part of the day or of the year.

For more detailed information on services listed here, please go to their websites, look for them on the Internet and enquire locally. We cannot do this for you.

Updates, please

Information like this soon goes out of date. We shall do our best to include changes, especially new services opened and remove services that have closed, but information may be hard to find.

If you know of any service, centre where conductors work, clinic, school, consultancy, personal practice etc., that is not included here, and any new ventures in the future, then please send its website directly to Gill Maguire:

Please also inform us of changes or address, including new URLS (website addresses) and of any places that have now closed.

Who are we?

Intelligent Love is brought to you by Ben Foulger, Gill Maguire and Andrew Sutton, as a collaboration between conductiveIT and Conduction.

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